30 November 2013

Test Drive day: Honda City 1.5E vs VW Polo Sedan 1.6

So today was my test drive day as im looking for a family car for ofcourse, my family.
Volkswagen Polo Sedan 1.6 

Volkswagen Polo Sedan 1.6 

Honda City 1.5 E 2013

Honda City 1.5 E 2013

So i managed to test drive the following cars which were Honda City and VW Polo Sedan. Both are quite decent cars with price falls in the same range. So the question will be which is more worth in term of money.
Performance side, i feel Honda City is more responsive in terms of acceleration and is more agile to move around on the road. The car also have pedal shifter that allows you to accelerate quickly as you prefered. The engine sound is also fun when u pressed it hard. Cornering is good too. VW Polo despite the 1.6 engine is not as responsive. It gives u enough power to overtake but feels lack of power. Cornering also quite similar to City. But this car is more sound-isolated, means that the cabin is very quiet. No pedal shifter on the streeting wheel but it has the tiptronic CVT that allows u to overide the auto transmission as u wish on the gear handle. But honestly, i dont think that will be as useful as the pedal shifters. I love that seriously.

Comfort wise, i have to say VW is better. Quiet cabin and more absorbing suspension really gives u a comfortable ride. Honda City is good too. As I hit the pot holes along the road, it doesnt bumps that much. However, these two cars could not beat Nissan Almera in term of comfort.

Boot space is decent for both. As a sedan, it should be enough space for a small family to pack stuff for vacation or balik kampung.

Overall, i m satified with Honda City. Its a really fun car to drive (like so much better than Almera). VW Polo sedan is more to people who loves luxury and high standard lifestyle. It is not as practical as the other two. Not so much "value buy" unless u appreciates class and lux.

I still have another 3 cars to be test driven. Proton Preve, Suprima S, and Toyota Vios. After that, i may come out with the conclusion of which car is the best. i just need a car that can travel frequent all the way to Johor. Yup. Thats all i need. So no need all these pricy and fancy features that i, or anyone may not use at all

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