27 January 2011

Broga Hill 2

Last Tuesday, I went again to Broga Hill. It's not like I liked the hill but since one of my friend from Sarawak came to KL and she was reaaallyy looking forward to hike Broga. But guess what, it was a lot better than the last time I went there.

We've planned to go at 8am in the morning but since I was going with girls, (make up and stuff..) I think everyone could have guess. We departed from Bandar Tasik Selatan at 9am and went straight to Broga. I actually didn't remember the road because last time I use Sungai Besi Highway. This time, I followed the Cheras-Kajang Highway. But the road wasn't that difficult as long as I follow the direction to Semenyih. Along the way, there were three tolls and
Lin, the girl from Sarawak complained about how many tolls were there to go there. Haha. Wait til she see how many tolls at KL. For me, I don't really complained the toll because we pay for good smooth ride. I did told her this but i think she didn't get what I meant.

We reached at foot of the hill around 10am. There were only few cars on the parking lot. It was a good new and bad new. Good new was there will be less people along the tracks which make it a lot easier to climb at our own speed. When we tired, we rest. When we wanted to take picture, we stop in the middle of the road and took picture. The bad new was if anything happens, who's going to help us.

As we walked up, I heard a voice; "Tired lah." And we were only starting. but we all keep on walking up. As we reach a point, we saw a group of people walking down with a man injured. The guy had cramped legs. His friends lift him and slowly walks down. I hope it doesn't scares Lin. Haha. Besides, Aisyah some how looked tired and felt sudden chest pain. This what I've been worrying about. I already thought of descending if she cannot continue. What else to do? I don't want to leave anyone behind. Luckily, after some rest and motivation by Aiman, she could continue walking.

*a guy suddenly give me his news paper on his way down..

The pace was pretty much slower than last time. Maybe last time I went with guys, so girls might tire faster. We rested a lot. But better slower than never. At 11am, we reached a point which I called Check point 1. It's a beautiful spot. We stopped for a while and took pictures. At check point 1, we took along rest because we only completed halfway. As we rest, Aiman explains about granite. We talked about rocks a lot. Until Aisyah from engineering course also knew some of the geological term. Now I understand why Islah kept on talking about rocks when I was in foundation while we were picnicking at Lambir.
*lecture by Aiman

After that, I thought that most of us wanted to go back already at that time but their spirit was burning! (I'm exaggerating). They wanted to complete the journey! So we continued to walk up, although it was slow.

The track was a lot more difficult and tiring. But we all made it to the top and took this photo:

*aiman, aisyah, lin and me

It was a very tiring event. then we all went to eat at Kayu Nasi Kandar at Bandar Seri Permaisuri to refill what had been lost. I never really thought that we could reach the top which is 400m height and walking distance on 1.7km. I guess I underestimated them. And girls are really good at motivating people. I should learn from them. Anyway, thanks Aiman, Aisyah and Lin.. You guys made my day!

21 January 2011

The Awesome Trip Part 2

The trip was supposed to start at 8am where we planned to go to Putrajaya to see Pameran Batu-Batu Pelik. Unfortunately I couldn't go because my mom wanted to use her car for the morning. Besides, my dad asked me to wash his car. So I was only free after 10am. Well thats not bad at all. I heard the Pameran Batu samples are almost the same to our lab samples.

At 10.30am, I and my brother, Ammar, went straight to Shah Alam for todays trip. Guess what, we went to Skytrex at Bukit Cherakah. The idea of going here came thanks to Utusan Malaysia (thanks to Naqi). So everyone, go buy Utusan Malaysia everyday! Back to the trip, we arrived at rendez vous point around 11.30am and from there we went straight to Skytrex with guide from Hafiz. So there we are, 9 of us. There were Aju, Gem, Amy, Butet, Peng, Hafiz, Naqi, Ammar, and me.

We took Big Thrill package which is the medium. It has 22 challenges that we need to do to complete the journey. but i didn't actually count how many were there. Just follow the flow. The scariest part of the obstacle was the swinging bridge (not official name). I just don't know how to cross properly and it is very unstable. But in the end I managed to get through.

I'm the last one to finish and the last flying fox, was the longest. but it wasn't that fast. At least i enjoyed it. So there it is skytrex. Then we went to Pelita, a mamak stall nearby and have our lunch together.

The trip didn,t stop there. After that, I, Ammar, Butet,
Peng and Naqi stop by at Amy's house. She made us a special brownies. It took roughly 1 hour for it to be ready but it was worth it. sedaaappp gila. Next time hopefully amy can make one at Miri. Thanks Amy.

That was all for the awesome trip. Finally I made use of time for this weekend. Maybe next week I could go travel somewhere. We'll see

17 January 2011

The Awesome Trip Part 1

Last saturday, we ve planned to climb the Bukit Broga at semenyih. According to initial plan, the trip was supposed to start at 430am. However, since we all felt lazy at the morning so we go a bit latter after Suboh. Butet, Anis and Peng were there quite early, around 7.30am. I came with my brother quite en retard since we also woke up late. duhh.. hahhaa

*ignore the girls, I don't know them

By the time we reached there almost everyone were leaving. Peng was quite uneasy at first, because we were the only group that were climbing at the moment. But the effort went on until we reach a place dekat dengan bendera or near flag post. Well my brother Ammar was a bit late to reach on top but at least he reached there. Who knows, coming up late was actually a good idea because everyone thought that coming early will avoid the traffic. By the time we reached there, there were less people on top of the hill. Mission Accomplished! We took photo and sembang2 a bit before we started our descend around 12 something. On the way down, Anis couldn't find his brakes and end up running towards a rock. it was funny thou.

Later on, we all crashed at my house to clean ourself and get ready for the next destination. This time, we were going to Ulu Yam! I thought the place was not too far off but it actually is. We went there with Peng's Mercedes at first but end up having the blown radiator along the way. So we ve came out with Plan B while waiting for the mechanic to arrive. We need to find another car. So I asked my mom for her car and she lend me. It was quite a relief.

*the broken radiator.. Pity Peng

Then we continue our trip to Ulu Yam which took us around 1 hour and half. But the trips pays off with a nice lunch by Dalila. We wanted to finish the dishes but unfortunately it was to many. Then we left with full stomach and move full speed back to our respective houses. Of course, I have to send them back first. Now I know where they live. Can come by for Raya! :)

11 January 2011

Its been a while

Wow... i didn't notice how much blogger.com has changed..
In fact i never imagined that it improved up till this point..

Well couldn't say anything coz this the first time i reopened it since Feb10..
Ever since I want to find the reason for me to write a blog..
Now i think ive got it..

or myb its just a boring feelings staying home doing nothing..
Nevertheless I could use some English workout..
it wont hurt to try..