25 November 2013

Added Responsibility

Recently I was entrusted with more responsibility. in other words, more job -_-". I wasnt familiar with the job and it stressed me out. Feels like i wont be able to make it in time.

Fortunately, I have a good friend. And this friend told me that its part of growing up. Once you get a grip at it then Allah will give more responsibility for you to handle. And once you are ready, you'll be given even bigger responsibility which you will be accountable in the hereafter. That gave me a good moral boost and positively influence the way I see things. I wanted to have "that" responsibility. So I have to train myself to be ready for "it". Get use to this hardship. When the time comes, I ll be more prepared.

Do things a step at a time! You'll be surprised how much work can be done by doing such.

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