25 November 2013

Nissan Almera

Last weekend I went for a test drive of the 2013 Nissan Almera. It has 3 variation from E Class, V Class and VL Class which i dont know what it represent -_-".

Anyway, while driving it in JB town, it run pretty smooth. I purposely ran into potholes and it absorbs like cushion. One of my passenger at that time actually fell asleep and amazingly was asleep throughout the journey. Isnt that a good sign of comfort! Acceleration is a bit frustrating though. Tried to pressed it hard but it did not gave me the G effect. Regardless, it is a small family car so speed isn't its bread and butter.
Fuel consumption wise I think Nissan is quite reputable. So not much to worry. With its aluminium CVTC engine which is lighter than its VVTi and VTEC competitors, i think its quite decent even it is lower in horse power than the other two engine.

Overall i felt that this car is awesome. Really looks forward to buy one some day. But that maybe after I tested out the other two rivals which are Honda City and Toyota Vios.

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