21 January 2011

The Awesome Trip Part 2

The trip was supposed to start at 8am where we planned to go to Putrajaya to see Pameran Batu-Batu Pelik. Unfortunately I couldn't go because my mom wanted to use her car for the morning. Besides, my dad asked me to wash his car. So I was only free after 10am. Well thats not bad at all. I heard the Pameran Batu samples are almost the same to our lab samples.

At 10.30am, I and my brother, Ammar, went straight to Shah Alam for todays trip. Guess what, we went to Skytrex at Bukit Cherakah. The idea of going here came thanks to Utusan Malaysia (thanks to Naqi). So everyone, go buy Utusan Malaysia everyday! Back to the trip, we arrived at rendez vous point around 11.30am and from there we went straight to Skytrex with guide from Hafiz. So there we are, 9 of us. There were Aju, Gem, Amy, Butet, Peng, Hafiz, Naqi, Ammar, and me.

We took Big Thrill package which is the medium. It has 22 challenges that we need to do to complete the journey. but i didn't actually count how many were there. Just follow the flow. The scariest part of the obstacle was the swinging bridge (not official name). I just don't know how to cross properly and it is very unstable. But in the end I managed to get through.

I'm the last one to finish and the last flying fox, was the longest. but it wasn't that fast. At least i enjoyed it. So there it is skytrex. Then we went to Pelita, a mamak stall nearby and have our lunch together.

The trip didn,t stop there. After that, I, Ammar, Butet,
Peng and Naqi stop by at Amy's house. She made us a special brownies. It took roughly 1 hour for it to be ready but it was worth it. sedaaappp gila. Next time hopefully amy can make one at Miri. Thanks Amy.

That was all for the awesome trip. Finally I made use of time for this weekend. Maybe next week I could go travel somewhere. We'll see

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