14 December 2013

When we think we got things under control

"Dont worry, I have things under control"

Really? How sure am I? In fact, statistically, its not always been under control. Say what you want but things like feelings and emotions, its not something easy to control.

Only Allah, the owner of all souls, is the controller and that is why, we must abide to whatever He said. Its always a simple straightforward command which is easy to understand. But we somehow think that we are able to manage things differently.

Seems like we think we know better than our creator, isn't it?

Nauzubillah minzalik. All good relationship if we wants it to last, all we need is Allah's blessing. And there is no other way to get the blessing than following His command. Having said that, we put an effort to comply to the Islam's code of conduct as per Al Quran and Sunnah. Noncompliance will definitely results in failure in whatever we do.

So here I am trying to do things differently from other, thinking that I can do this my way. But I forgot that its not as simple as it looks. So now I've realized. I hope its not too late.

So yeah, Nassim, Ill take your advice. Its up to her to accept it or not. If non acceptance is the answer, than we shall not continue.

Lets get the blessing beforehand and only plan accordingly. Have faith. Believe. That is all we need!

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